Mz. Zenobia

Once upon a time, in a land that happened to resemble this one place, there was a lady. (Shhhh, the point is to start out really vague and fill in details as you go along. I learned all about it in Health.) Whelp, she was all born and stuff like that. And so she existed. And was named. By herself. Mz. Zenobia. Quoth Harvey Keitel, "Forevermore."

One day, in that land that happened to resemble this one place, she ventured to OtherMUSH. And there, she became inextricably mired until she was visited by three ghosts. The spirit of MUSHes past, the spirit of MUSHes present, and of course, Meredith. (You thought it was going to be the spirit of MUSHes of the future, didn't you? Ha!) As she was visited, she learned, and it was good. Quoth Meryl Streep, "I star in some movies. See them. You'll love them. Oh, and that one person is good."

This is the way of the world. Things happen, you can't always explain them. Famous celebrities (And not so famous soon-to-be-celebrities-that-are-really-self-styled-neurotic-screenwriters from Newark) testify in the name of people they've never met. In the eternal words of Judd Nelson, "The world is an imperfect place, sir, screws fall out all the time." And, with that, you know Mz. Zenobia. Possibly. If you have some INCREDIBLE comprehensional reading skills. The point of this, for you comprehension impaired, was that Mz. Zenobia is a wizard at OtherMUSH. The end. Of story. Thank you.