Mr. Hinklestein

Mr. Hinklestein got a candle on he head
Big honking apeture from a chunk of flying lead
Him like to dine on Borax, is the very special treat
Wearing cheapo sneakers on the bottom of him feet
Lookie at the rear view! Got a nail in the butt
I forget to mention: he a scurvy yellow mutt.

The Official Mr. Hinklestein OtherMUSH Quiz

  1. What is OtherMUSH to Mr. Hinklestein, the Scourge of Boise, the Harvester of Harvey?
    1. a small Egyptian couch balanced on a traffic cop
    2. ten accountants waiting in line for a Flav-Or-Ice
    3. a big steaming glass of Mustard Milk(tm)
    4. underwear production and retailing
    5. life without nostrils
    6. We-So-Lukey, the King of Poland
    7. all of the above, plus your mother

  2. Mr. Hinklestein is travelling north at 10 ice cubes a hemmorage. A truck loaded with creme corn is travelling to Guam with bad intentions and a glove compartment full of trouble. How long will it take for Mr. Hinklestein to sleep with Guam's most famous dermatoligist?
    1. help, my filling fell out into your coffee
    2. 1-800-HI JOLLY
    3. bloody haggis! that's the cutest kilt I've ever seen
    4. you've had a tough time of it, Mr. Spock - why don't you have a little spacenap

  3. You find Mr. Hinklestein asleep on the top of Stinky Mountain, and wake him up by ramming a nail into his butt. Will he:
    1. claim you for Spain
    2. impregnate you with Gary Coleman II
    3. teach you how to calm jittery squirrels
    4. staple a watermelon to your head and invite you to a parade
    5. put a candle on him head

  4. You're taking a test because you're not very clever and when someone says 'take this test', you jump around all eager to please. You've always been such a bloody
    1. suckup
    2. bologna snack
    3. King of Poland
    4. imperialist bugnutted toad-fucker
    5. triple-git
    6. egotist, plus you like flapjacks, mmmm


If you took the test, please take it again. I imagine you didn't do very well at all, just by the vapid ho-ho look on your face.

If you skipped over the test, because you're really rather sophisticated and my, some of the word usage just looked kind of trite, then come on down to OtherMUSH! We'll put sticks in your hair and have aluminum siding nailed to your arms.

If you ever picked 'b', you NEED MENTAL HELP. Only serial killers pick 'b'. Don't touch me! Man, you're sick, I tell you.

If you live in Guam, and are an attractive dermatoligist, please mail your body to:

Mr. Hinklestein
1515 Crunch N' Munch Lane
Upper Lippman, OtherMUSH 04201